For whom?

Audience and approach

I feel at home with people who have passion for social change. I have experience in non-governmental organizations, women’s groups, environmental and peace groups, community service, neighborhood centers, volunteer organizations, nature groups, education, day care, city governments and (local) politics.

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Who am I?


Where am I at my best?

‘Stubborn’ professionals with an opinion. Organizations with a mission and employees with passion.
Complex problems that require a sympathatic approach.
Organizations that need more direction and motivation and where a new impuls is neccessary.
On all levels – from boardrooms to local groups.
Where there is room to stand behind people and to support them so they can be at their best.

My approach

Change comes when people ask for it.

That seems easier than that it is. I encourage people to break down barriers. Sometimes these are things that they have put in their own path.  Sometimes, others are responsible.  In all cases, there are established interests or convictions that make it difficult to move. Change takes time.  My approach is based on making personal strength clear, offering structure and working out strategy and plans.

I prefer to work with groups.

I use the dynamic between people and encourage that people support one another.  If there are conflicts, I bring them out in the open.  People who work together can do a lot if they are aware of their own strengths and influence.


My approach works for all problems – small daily difficulties or urgent social issues.  I make use of  ‘organizing’. A method developed in the United States and now used in the Netherlands by the Dutch trade union and Milieudefensie, to get larger groups of people involved in social change.

Organizing makes use of the power of citizens. That means that the role of professionals changes.  They work with, and no longer on behalf of, people. Organizing helps corporations share their power and be effective in working with communities.

How I work

As a manager, coach and trainer, I don’t stand on the frontline.  I stand behind people, and ask questions which stimulate thought and action.  To underline a point, I make use of a drawing to explain theories of interpersonal communication.  That helps people to recognize patterns.

I choose creative methods.  Humor and a playful element help solve even the most difficult problems.  I am level-headed and enthusiastic.  I focus on concrete steps to move forward.

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