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I am a leader, senior consultant, chairperson & facilitator, trainer and coach. I help many organizations in one or more of these areas. What can I do for you?

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I feel at home with people who have passion for social change. I have experience in environmental and peace groups, community service, volunteer organizations, education and (local) politics.

About m-powering

I am Sandra Ball. Born in the United States.  I was raised during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.  I learned at an early age that “You can make a difference.”

What clients say about m-powering

About m-powering

Change comes when people ask for it. That seems easier than that it is. I encourage people to break down barriers.

My approach is based on making personal strength clear, offering structure and working out strategy and plans.

Sandra Ball

Experienced interim manager, advisor, trainer and coach.

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