About m-powering

May I introduce myself?

I am Sandra Ball. Born in the United States.  I was raised during the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War.  I learned at an early age that “You can make a difference.”

‘You can make a difference’

“You can make a difference” is a call to action and an expression of hope.  You don’t have to just sit and wait.  Change is possible, if you really want it.

I moved to the Netherlands in the ‘80s where I worked in the peace movement, then in neighborhood centers and elementary schools and  lastly at Milieudefensie, an environmental group.  I have extensive experience as director, manager, coach, advisor, trainer and facilitator of change.

I have always tried to make change happen, not only in my own life, but in the lives of others. The power and influence that I discovered in myself is the capacity to make others stronger.  With m-powering, I want to continue this.

Sandra Ball m-powering

Sandra Ball

Experienced interim manager, advisor, trainer and coach.

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