Training for Amnesty International Nederland

Renewing the volunteer policy


Amnesty International Netherlands wants to have more impact by making their movement more powerful.  They are making use of the organizing methodology and I lead trainings for them. I design the trainings to fit the implementation phase.

We have trained all the elements of organizing:



In January I gave a general training to volunteers. In March we repeated the training for employees.  In May we delved deeper into storytelling and structure and in October we were ready to set the first real step.  During a workshop, local groups and new youth groups made plans for the Write for Rights events in December (including how they were going to ensure that people who wrote letters stayed involved).

It is always important to know your next step when you are organizing. At the end of the October training, each participant made a list of next steps and planned a call with someone from Amnesty to discuss their progression.


When Amnesty asks me to design a training I make a training plan which we send back and forth until everyone is satisfied. During the training we plan space for interaction, theory, practice and reflection. Because people have followed several trainings, I see they are now able to translate the methodology to their own situation. That is great to see. It’s the first step towards growth and a more ‘impactful’ approach.