Chairing and facilitating (international) strategic meetings and evaluations

A chairperson, moderator or facilitator.  Goal-oriented meetings. With a big smile, I support, connect and ensure that your meetings are effective, that there is progress and that decisions are clear.


When you hire me as your chairperson, you are getting a no-nonsense chair. Meetings end on time and decisions are clear.  I help with making the agenda so that everyone’s ready for the meeting when they arrive. I keep track of main and side issues and, when necessary, I get the group back on track.

Because empowerment is so important to me, I take meetings very seriously. These are the places where participants can feel involved and responsible. Where they can be heard and have the chance to listen to others. A bad meeting is a place where people waste time or where only a few take on all the work. People rarely complain about meetings when I am chairing.


Meetings & evaluations

As a facilitator, I am a chairperson+. With a bag full of methodologies, I lead group and strategic meetings. I ensure that meetings are interactive and that there is variation in ways of work. The methodology always fits the goal of the meeting. Participants are not only observers, but they have an active part in the meeting.

International meetings

Being a native English speaker, I am often asked to facilitate international strategy meetings. I am a facilitator who gets a group moving and talking.  You can hire me for a conference or an interactive meeting if you want participants to go home richer than they came, both in knowledge and in the direction to be taken after the meeting.

What is my approach if I am hired for a meeting?

I study relevant documents and I speak to my client. I want to know when they will be satisfied.  What kind of ambiance do they want? What is important for people to learn and what do they want people to contribute? With answers to these questions, I make a program with suggestions for methodology that I share that with my client.  It is important that there is enough room in the program for people to speak informally, so I try to be strict about breaks and lunch. I want there to be large and small group activities, because I know that some people will only speak up in smaller groups.

I am not satisfied until the client is satisfied. Meetings are expensive so it is important that everyone is assured that the meeting will be good value for money.

What clients say

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