I am a COACH

Individual coaching, group coaching and group mediation

I am a coach who asks lots of questions and stimulates people to think deeper than they are used to.  The results are really surprising.  That’s why it’s so nice to coach people.

Individual coaching

During my first meeting, I work with you to formulate a coaching goal.  We discuss the problem and I ask lots of questions until we have gotten down to what the real issue is and what needs to be worked on.  I support people by complimenting them when I see progress and I ask critical questions if I think they are stagnating. During the last meeting we evaluate and discuss what they have achieved since we started.

By making notes in my little notebook, it’s easy for me to remember things that have been said and to come back and reflect.  If necessary, I make a drawing of a theory. That often helps to understand your own or someone else’s behavior.

Group coaching & group mediation

Where people work together, things can go wrong. I approach group coaching the same way as individual coaching.  What do people need? What is the problem? And how can we solve it? I ask difficult questions and help with rewording questions or remarks so that others can hear them. By being open and honest myself, I help others to open up in a discussion. And I make room for emotions.

If there is a conflict in a group, I use a mix of individual and group coaching to understand and help the group solve the problem. Usually people need something they are not getting but they are not capable of making that clear. Helping them express this need can be important in group mediation.

In individual and group coaching, trust is very important. Everything that is said in a group or individual contact is confidential.  It is only shared with others if people expressly give their authorization.

What clients say

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