Interim manager, team leader, project leader or coordinator

A director, manager, project leader or coordinator.  I feel at home in situations in which people need support and direction. 

Interim manager

After 20 years working as a manager and director, I have a wealth of experience.  I am a goal-oriented interim manager with whom it’s a pleasure to work. I am at my best when organizations are unstable, goals or strategy is unclear and there is a need to invest in employees. I look to the future but don’t forget to take others along on the journey. If necessary, I step into the spotlight but there is always room next to me.

Team leader

Organizations often ask me to support teams which are adrift. I help the teams clarify goals and priorities and to work together with greater openness. I use ‘backcasting’ as a way of creating a more goal-oriented work environment:  the team first formulates an end goal and then works backwards to develop the planning.

Project leader & coordinator

I am also asked to coordinate projects in which several stakeholders are involved.

For example, four organizations wanted to organize a conference.  It was a great idea, but they couldn’t get it off the ground themselves so  they hired me to ensure continuity.  I organized meetings, made agendas, ensured the meetings were well run and I encouraged people to do what they promised.  A smile and a friendly reminder helps. I don’t take over. Team members wrote the minutes and we divided the responsibilities.  I made sure that there was continuity and the result was a successful conference.

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