Community organizating and mobilizing, organizational development and cooperation, group mediation

Transform your organization into a community in which your constituents and your employees can  optimally contribute to reaching common goals.  That’s why you hire me as a consultant.

Community organizing & mobilizing

Not for profit organizations want to be more effective and believe that working more closely with their constituents will give them all more power. More power leads to more influence.  That’s what community organizing is all about.

How do you achieve lasting social change? How do organizations work effectively with their constituents to turn power into influence? I help organizations with a step-by-step plan to integrate their strategy and their volunteer policy, in order to give their volunteers more responsibility. I make use of the community organizing methodology. I help organizations become more open to volunteers. Employees need to release responsibility and that is often difficult. I advise organizations, and if desirable, I can also offer training in organizing.

Organisatieontwikkeling & samenwerking

Being effective is not always easy. Teams work better when they know each other well. When their roles are clear and when there is openness about their strengths and weaknesses. That is the ‘soft’ side of cooperation.

At the same time it is important to focus on the ‘harder’ side:  making sure that the work gets done. Often teams or organizations don’t set clear goals. The division of labor between the boss and the employees is not clear, or decision making is unclear. People try to avoid conflict or they want to hold on to as much autonomy as possible.

In addition to my many years working in leadership positions, I have extensive knowledge of group dynamics, coaching and mediation.

I can advise on:

Improving the interaction between team members
Clear tasks and responsibilities between the leader and employees
Strategic alignment
Goal setting
Decision making
Dealing with conflicts and non-decision


Sometimes teams don’t work well together because there is a dormant conflict. I am a mediator and I help groups bring conflicts to the surface and deal with them. In group mediation, I use a combination of individual and group meetings to ensure that I hear all sides of a problem.

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