Custom training in Organizing, Storytelling, Meetings and Goal setting

People learn best when they are offered a measured amount of information.  There needs to be time to experience, reflect and experiment.  That’s why I organize interactive workshops.


Building movements: not for profit organizations want to be more effective and believe that working more closely with their constituents will give them all more power. More power leads to more influence. That’s what organizing is all about.

I offer an introductory course in organizing for groups and organizations. We practice the five steps of organizing.  For example, public affairs organization WKPA believes in the ‘honest’ lobby: letting people tell their own stories to politicians and policy makers. The methodology of organizing fits perfectly with their vision and my workshop on organizing gave them the steps necessary to ensure that groups can practice an ‘honest’ lobby for the longer haul.


Storytelling is the first step in organizing.  During a storytelling workshop participants practice telling their story in a way in which people get captivated and become involved.  I spend a lot of time practicing the ‘hard ask’ which is the first step in getting people involved in your organization. Not “would you maybe once want to….” but “Can you come next Tuesday?” It seems easy, but it’s more difficult than people think. When people learn the ‘hard ask’ they have taken a big step towards growth.


Because I believe that meetings are an important place to empower people. I have developed a meeting-doctor training.

In the first session I help groups create ‘meetable’-meetings. We discuss the agenda and how the chair and the members of the group can prepare effectively.

In the second session, I focus on how to have open, constructive discussions and we practice decision making.

Develop your own training

My training always fits your needs.  I train on the same issues as my consultancy work. That is important because often an advice alone is not enough to turn things around in an organization.

You can also ask me to develop a training on:

Improving the interaction between team members
Clear tasks and responsibilities between the leader and employees
Strategic alignment
Goal setting
Decision making
Dealing with conflicts and non-decision

What clients say

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